COVID-19 Protocols and Waiver for Wall Lacrosse

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The Wall Township Lacrosse club is dedicated to putting together a safe successful 2021 lacrosse season.
Please be aware that although we will do everything in our power to keep kids safe and healthy, many of
the issues surrounding COVID-19 are largely out of our control. Adherence to the COVID-19 protocols
and guidelines listed below is mandatory.

COVID-19 Waiver / Release form
Prior to the start of the season, all players and parents must sign the COVID-19 Waiver / Release form.
This form has been provided to all registered players via email and must be printed, signed, and handed in
on the first day of practice. In the event that you did not receive the Waiver / Release, it can be found on
the Wall Lacrosse website at

Screening Protocols:
All players and coaches wishing to participate in a Wall Lacrosse event (both practice and games), must
complete the Event Health Check within Team Snap. This can be found within the event details of
each event scheduled within Team Snap. This questionnaire regarding symptoms and exposure must be
completed prior to the start of each practice and game in order to participate. Please note that the Health
Check option will become available to complete 8 hours prior to the start of the event.
If you cannot see the Team Snap Health Check within the event details on your phone it is likely that
you need to update the Team Snap app. (This applies to both Android and IOS devices).

Face Coverings and Social Distancing:
As indicated by the New Jersey Department of Health, face masks are required to be worn by all
individuals, including coaches, officials, spectators, and athletes on the sidelines at Wall Lacrosse
sponsored events. Exceptions to wearing a face mask include the following:
● Athletes actively participating in high intensity aerobic activities
● Wearing a face mask inhibits the health of the individual
– All Players must wear a mask while walking to and from the playing fields for both practices and
– All coaches and team personnel must wear cloth face coverings, that cover the nose and mouth, at all
– When possible, all social distancing requirements should be maintained during breaks and to the
maximum extent practicable at all times.
– The sidelines of a game (team areas) are limited to essential personnel only. Any changes to this
must be approved by the Wall Lacrosse Board of Directors.
– During games, officials should do their best to maintain 6 feet of distance from coaches, players,
staff and spectators as well as other officials. Face masks may be pulled down when needed in order
to communicate with players and coaches. When off of the field, officials should wear cloth face
masks and continue to maintain 6 feet of distance from others.
– Mouth guards should be kept in athletes’ mouths at all times during practices and games. When
removed, mouth guards should be kept in protective case, and cleaned before future use. Hands used
to touch a removed mouth guard should be sanitized before touching anything or anyone.

Sharing of water bottles among team members is absolutely prohibited. Each individual should bring their
own water bottles with their name on it.

Spectator Policy:
Spectators will be permitted to attend Wall Lacrosse outdoor events during the Spring 2021 season. It is
required that all spectators wear a mask and maintain social distancing guidelines.
With away events, the opposing team will likely have similar protocols and guidelines.
If attending, we ask everyone to respectfully follow their protocols and guidelines
● All spectators must wear a face covering for the duration of the lacrosse game and when entering
or exiting the venue.
● Any spectator that does not adhere to the guidelines / requests set forth by the Wall Lacrosse Club
Board of Directors may be asked to leave the event/ premises.
● All spectators are required to maintain a distance of six feet between groups.

Any player or coach traveling outside of the state during the season must follow current NJ State travel
quarantine procedures. Please notify coaches or board members prior to travel.
Clearance Notes / Return to Play
Upon completion of a mandated quarantine due to either Covid-19 exposure or positive test results,
players must present a doctor’s note in order to return to play.
Any note received for a Covid-19 related concern must be from a physician, either a medical doctor (MD)
or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO). A note from a physician assistant or nurse practitioner is not
sufficient enough to allow the individual to return to play. The note must contain two parts: a phrase
related to Covid-19 concerns and a phrase indicating that they can return to sports and normal activity.
Should a player or coach test positive for COVID-19, whether from Wall Lacrosse Club or an
opponent team, we will follow Monmouth County Department of Health guidelines on contact
tracing and quarantine protocols. This may result in rescheduling or canceling of games and/or
practices to keep our kids safety a priority. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility this

At any time, in the interest of our Players and Coaches Safety, the Wall Lacrosse Club Board
of Directors reserves the right to shut down any or all program activities.

Wall Lacrosse Club COVID-19 Protocols have been created based off of the U.S. Lacrosse “Return
to Play Guidelines” as well as CDC COVID-19 recreational sports guidelines.

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