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There’s nothing more gratifying for a parent than to see your child happy. Watching them on the lacrosse field can be one of the greatest experiences you’ll have. But how can you help them enjoy that experience?

We asked our more than 176,000 Instagram followers that very question recently and here’s some of the feedback lacrosse parents shared with their fellow parents. You might even see a response or two from their kids on how you can help, and maybe a tongue-in-cheek response for some levity.

@trlaxdad: No matter what level your child plays at, at the end of the day it’s a game that they should have fun with and enjoy. Love the game!

@sophia.gomberg.lax: The first thing my parents say is, “I had so much fun watching you play.” They don’t coach me and never yell “Wheels.” I’m just thankful for the support, the never-ending rides, the cleats, the sticks etc… I’m a lucky girl.

@Sophiespeidel: Best advice I was given, and now pass along to other parents is that playing lacrosse has the power and potential to change your child’s life for the better, so don’t ruin it by being the parent who yells at the refs, pressures the coach to give your kid more playing time, or expects your kid to ‘commit’ to play in college. It’s just a game. Let it be fun.

@Modernperson: First thing a parent should say after matches/training should always be, “Did you enjoy it?’

@mckelvie2112: When asked by a parent with a 5-year-old what summer camps I would recommend to get their child the best training for a scholarship to Duke, I suggested Math Camp

@mrthorman: Play multiple sports!

@flarelacrosse: When your child comes off the field, all parents should do is tell them that you love to watch them play. They don’t need parents to coach them, or break down the game, or, God forbid, watch film.

@neilemesser: My daughter opted not to play in college and she’s just fine. Don’t make college your goal and just enjoy it!!!!

@kllomascola: “Go do your thing and Have Fun! “

@larkin_beth: This is your child’s experience, your child’s journey. Let them grow in their own way, enjoy the game and make decisions about how far they want to go with it on their own. Just support them and Cheer them on!

@brandysuchafinegurl: Make sure it’s your child’s dream that’s being fulfilled… not your own!

@jonwfd65: Enjoy watching them play, Be in the moment because it’s over way faster than you think.

@c0achtom: As a lax coach, the best advice I got was from my son after one of his games (which I wasn’t coaching) was, “Dad, don’t coach me during the game.” Best advice a coaching parent can get.

@coachman3333: As a parent and a coach, allow your kids to play multiple sports and let them pursue the ones their passionate about. Make it fun and positive. Encourage them not to fear mistakes but embrace them because this is how they learn. Enjoy watching them develop and grow and hopefully at the end of their playing days they will give back and pass along their knowledge and love of the game.

@gwynsmum: I always ask my daughter, “What was your favorite part of practice/game today?” and listen to the joy/pride in her voice.

@pete_hoffman: Our pre-practice/game mantra is always “Positive ATTITUDE! Maximum EFFORT!! Have FUN!!!”

@jackiedesignsinteriors: Tell your child in the car ride to practice and every game, “Do your best and you’ll have fun!” After practice and games, “What was your favorite part?” and then “What was your least favorite? How do you think you could turn your least favorite part into your favorite part?” Always give a hug and tell them, “I love watching you play!!!”

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